We're so excited to be bringing you Reward Points!

Starting October 5th, 2012, our customers will start earning Rewards Points with any purchase made through our website.  These points may be used to purchase additional embroidery designs.  Your points will be kept within your account profile under "My Points".  They'll also be shown during the checkout process so you'll know exactly how many points you have available to make a purchase.  You must be signed into your account in order to receive and redeem your points correctly.

Reward Points are the number of points you would earn after a purchase is made.  Each design will show the number of points located on the right hand side next to the designs photo. 

Keep in mind that Reward Points will be adjusted during active sales at the time of your purchase.  For example:  Regular Price = $4.00 and the Sale Price is $2.80.  Total Reward Points would be rounded to 3.

You may only redeem reward points from purchases which are currenlty available in your account.  Your balance will be visable in your cart during checkout so you'll always know what they are.

The Price in Points will be the amount of points you'll need to redeem  in order to purchase a design.  This is also located on the right hand side next to the design / products photo.  The Price in Points are based on the price of the design and are subject to change during Sales.

To redeem your points you'll enter the number of points you would like to redeem in the "Points to use" box.  Example: Enter the Points to use:____ then click "Apply". 

Current discount coupons may also be applied at the same time.  This will depend on the type of promotion or coupon being used and are subject to change.  Please make sure you're signed up for our Newsletter in order to receive all of our current promotions and coupons.

During check out you must redeem the full amount of points that are listed on your order.  You can not use a partial amount of rewards points.  The system will not release your download links it the total on your order and the payment doesn't match.


Reward Points may not be used:

Rewards Points may not be used towards custom designs.  They can only be used on orders processed through our website and during the time of purchase. 

Reward Points may not be issued on orders prior to October 5th, 2012.  Nor will refunds be giving on any order prior to October 5th, 2012.

Rewards Points earned from our website can only be redeemed here at Katelyn's Kreative Stitches.



After you make your purchase, please understand that your reward points will not show up immediately in your account history.  You'll see the points on your invoice but the order must be shown as "completed" through admin before they are included in your total.  Currently, this is a manual process.  I will need to login each morning and show these orders as completed.  There is a modification that I can have installed for this however, I really hate to add additional modifcations that will keep us from future software upgrades. 


I hope you'll enjoy shopping with your New Reward Points.  If you should have any questions please shoot us an e-mail.


Happy Shopping!

Kimberly Williams

Katelyn's Kreative Stitches